What does the evidence really say about your food choices?

The Nutrition Proposition

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"The Nutrition Proposition is a mammoth contribution to the world’s understanding of the science behind nutritional hype. James McCormack helps strip the science of nutrition down to its bare essentials."
Alan Cassels
Author of Selling Sickness and Seeking Sickness
"A riveting expose of what we know and don’t know about the everyday food that we eat."
Bruce Arroll, MBChB, MHSc, PhD
Head of the Department of General Practice
and Primary Health Care University of Auckland
"I would recommend this book for anyone who communicates with the public about health - who might not be well prepared to explain the nuance that exists with almost any health-related study, and certainly studies on nutrition topics. The authors’ depth of experience, appreciation for history, case examples, and humour make this a meaningful addition to a syllabus or a personal library."
Gary Schwitzer
Publisher, HealthNewsReview.org